Seamless Integration and Efficiency with Bulk SMS API

SMS text messaging is a highly effective and direct channel for engaging with customers in real time, particularly in today’s mobile-first environment. As a result, innovative businesses are incorporating feature-rich SMS APIs into their applications and websites.
Seamless Integration And Efficiency With Bulk SMS API

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SmsLocal provides a robust and versatile suite of SMS APIs, enabling you to automate the sending of text messages. Our SMS gateway API streamlines SMS integrations, empowering our clients to seamlessly incorporate our bulk SMS service into their existing communication applications. This integration enhances lead generation and contributes positively to your overall business performance.

What Is an SMS API?

SmsLocal’s programmable messaging API enables businesses to connect with customers and drive meaningful engagement through SMS messaging. With SmsLocal, businesses can easily build a trusted SMS messaging delivery option into their web and mobile applications.

Communicate directly with your customers through SMS messaging, integrated seamlessly with your application.

Integrate gateway features into your website, software, or CRM system to streamline your workflow and automate your communication.

Unifying disparate systems into a single, comprehensive control center can offer a number of benefits to businesses of all sizes.

What is Bulk SMS API?

What is Bulk SMS API?

A bulk SMS API allows businesses to send SMS messages to a large number of recipients in an automated way. With a bulk SMS API, you can integrate SMS capabilities directly into your business systems and workflows to send notifications, alerts, promotions, etc. to your customers. Instead of sending SMS messages manually one by one, a bulk SMS API lets you send thousands of messages with just a few API calls. The API handles all the complexity behind batching, throttling, and load balancing when sending large volumes of SMS traffic.

Benefits of Bulk SMS API

A bulk SMS API enables businesses to reach a large subscriber base through automated SMS messaging. Integration is made easy with developer-friendly REST APIs and SDKs. Companies can drive greater customer engagement by leveraging timely, targeted campaigns triggered by data from business systems. Scalable infrastructure manages high traffic volumes. Rich analytics provides insight to optimize messaging strategy. In short, a bulk SMS API unlocks automation, increases reach, and drives efficiencies for impactful customer communications via SMS.

Benefits of Bulk SMS API

Types Of Bulk SMS API

There are a few popular types of bulk SMS APIs:


This is the most common type of bulk SMS API. It uses REST architecture with JSON/XML messaging formats. You simply make HTTP requests with authentication to the API endpoints to send SMS messages and manage your account programmatically.



Many bulk SMS providers offer software developer kits or SDKs for popular languages like Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc. These SDKs wrap the API calls and authentication into simple libraries so you don't have to code the HTTP requests manually.



Some bulk SMS providers allow you to send SMS using the SMTP protocol commonly used for email. This allows seamless integration with your email server for triggering SMS messages.

MS Excel Add-in

MS Excel Add-in

This allows sending bulk SMS directly from Microsoft Excel using a plugin provided by the SMS company. Useful for users who manage data and contacts in Excel.

Plugins for CRMs

Plugins for CRMs

Bulk SMS providers also offer plugins and add-ons for integrating their API with popular CRM software like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, etc.

Create a local experience

Create a local experience

Enhance customer trust and establish a local presence by using local phone numbers. Purchase or lease phone numbers with geographically accurate area and country codes.

Why SmsLocal Is The Best API Bulk SMS Provider In India?

SmsLocal is the most trusted API SMS service provider in India. The speed with which the messages are sent and the quality of our services cannot be compared with any other service provider. SmsLocal is the leading and fastest API SMS provider in India.
Smart, high-quality routing ‍

Cater to your business needs with SMSLocal, your trusted partner for high-quality, smart bulk SMS routing.

Omnichannel waterfall delivery for endless redundancy

SMSLocal: Your Reliable Bulk SMS Provider – Seamlessly Reach Your Audience with Omnidirectional Messaging.

Global reach and coverage

Expand Your Reach with SMSLocal – Unlocking Global Coverage for Your Bulk SMS Messaging Needs.

Create a local experience ‍

Elevate Your Local Presence with SMSLocal – Crafting a Personalized Experience through Bulk SMS Messaging.

Two-way communication

Foster Engagement with SMSLocal – Empowering Two-Way Communication through Bulk SMS Services.

bulk sms api service

SmsLocal's Bulk SMS Api Service

SmsLocal is a comprehensive platform designed to facilitate efficient and effective promotional SMS campaigns for businesses of all sizes. It offers a user-friendly web portal for campaign management, custom templates for consistency, personalization features, and seamless contact management.
The service includes dynamic numbers for increased deliverability, two-way messaging, automated workflows, and real-time analytics. With expert support and affordable plans, SmsLocal handles the complexities of SMS marketing, allowing businesses to focus on crafting impactful campaigns.

How SmsLocal's Bulk SMS Api Service Works

Here is a quick 4 Steps overview of how our platform works:

Sign up for an account and pick a package that matches your needs.

Upload your contact list and create opt-in groups.

Craft your SMS content and designs using our template editor.

Schedule your campaign or send it immediately.

Once sent, you can track your campaign’s performance through real-time analytical reports. Replies from recipients will be routed back to the platform for two-way conversations. Our SMS experts are available 24/7 to guide you through the process and help execute campaigns flawlessly from start to finish.

Why Choose SmsLocal for Your Bulk SMS Api Needs?

SmsLocal, a trusted SMS marketing partner for over 10,000 customers across India, boasts of successful case studies spanning the education, healthcare, banking, and retail sectors. Its reliable service guarantees 98%+ delivery rates and its state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform ensures data security and campaign accessibility.

With dedicated account managers for expert guidance, seamless integrations into existing systems, and pan-India network coverage, SmsLocal offers a blend of advanced technology, strategic expertise, and dependable customer support. Its 13+ years of experience and ISO-certified operations further cement its status as a trusted partner for effective promotional campaigns.

Bulk SMS Api Use Cases

SmsLocal’s platform is being utilized across industries to engage customers effectively. An online fashion brand used it for flash sale alerts and cart retargeting, boosting open rates and recovering abandoned carts. A restaurant chain promoted a new menu via SMS, resulting in a 25% redemption rate.

A leading bank enhanced its fixed deposit renewal rates by using SMS for due date reminders. A university improved student registration rates by sending exam reminders and deadline alerts through SMS. Lastly, an events company increased RSVP response rates by using SMS for invites and reminders. These instances showcase the versatility and efficacy of promotional SMS in diverse sectors.

Bulk SMS Api Use Cases​

SmsLocal's Bulk SMS Pricing Plans

SmsLocal offers flexible and transparent pricing tailored ftoevery business need. You can choose self-service plans starting at just Rs. 249 monthly or unlimited bespoke packages.

Free Plan

  • ₹0.00 per SMS
  • Up to 10 free SMS
  • Just to try our platform

Standard Plan

100 to 7999
  • ₹0.21 per SMS
  • 1 Month
  • For basic messaging needs

Advanced Plan

8000 to 59999
  • ₹0.19 per SMS
  • + 6 Months
  • Bulk discounts up to 10%

Premium plan

60000 or more
  • ₹0.15 per SMS
  • + 12 Months
  • Bulk discounts up to 20%

Powerful SMS messaging for your

business in a single API

Our user-friendly global SMS API can easily be integrated into your communications platform, enabling you to quickly and easily send SMS text messages to your customers. We provide comprehensive documentation, developer tools, detailed analytics reports, and white-glove customer service.
Compliance support

Compliance support

We will help you stay compliant to different privacy laws and regulations like GDPR with our built in features.

ShortLink Tracking

ShortLink Tracking

Gather meaningful analytics and activity metrics by tracking clicks on your links.

Global Delivery

Global Delivery

Improve Delivery rates by relying on our direct connections with global carriers for time sensitive delivery.

Personalisation & Dynamic Fields

Personalisation & Dynamic Fields

Our Powerful Message Editor offers up to 5 dynamic fields to personalise and engage your audience, send meaningful custom reminders and more.

High Performance

High Performance

We offers high-volume messaging with a long character limit and lightning-fast delivery. You can send up to 4800 messages per minute, each with a character limit of 1224 characters.

Bulk SMS

Long message support

Our SMS API intelligently splits long messages into multiple messages, taking into account all relevant factors, and sends them to the user's device with instructions on how to reassemble them.

Characteristics of a Promotional SMS Service Solution


Proven reliability

With a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, SmsLocal ensures reliable delivery across India with connections to all major telcos.


Scales to millions

Built on a robust cloud infrastructure, SmsLocal's platform can scale up or down to send millions of SMS easily.


Speed and throughput

Advanced architecture delivers SMS almost instantly with the ability to handle high volumes for time-sensitive campaigns.


SmsLocal uses 100% TRAI-approved DLT sender IDs and follows regulations for commercial SMS.


Engaging features

Personalization, dynamic templates, two-way messaging, automation workflows make creating effective SMS easy.

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Trusted security

ISO 27001-certified SMS infrastructure and platform security protects customer data


Expert support

Round-the-clock assistance from real people via phone, email, chat for any queries.


Flexible pricing

Packages to fit any budget and SMS volumes, starting from just Rs. 249/month. Great value.

Customers love us.

SMSLocal's bulk SMS service has transformed our communication strategy. The ease of sending messages and the exceptional delivery rate has significantly boosted our customer engagement.

Priya Gupta

As a healthcare provider, reliable communication is key. SMSLocal's bulk SMS system is both efficient and dependable, allowing us to quickly disseminate vital information to our patients.

Aarav Sharma

Using SMSLocal for our promotional campaigns has been a revelation. The platform's user-friendliness and excellent support have made our marketing efforts much more effective and measurable.

Rohan Reddy

Frequently Asked Questions

A bulk SMS API allows you to send large volumes of text messages through an application interface. Some providers offer limited free versions for trial or low-volume use.
To send bulk SMS using an API, integrate the API into your application or software, set up your message content and recipient list, and execute the sending command.
India has several popular bulk SMS API providers offering various features like local language support, high delivery rates, and competitive pricing.
Yes, some providers offer free SMS gateway APIs with limited features or message quotas, suitable for testing or small-scale projects.
Sending bulk SMS online typically involves using a web platform where you can upload your contact list, compose messages, and send them instantly or schedule for later.
To send bulk SMS, create your message, upload a list of recipients, choose your sending options, and then launch the campaign through an SMS platform or API.
Bulk SMS API documentation is usually available on the service provider’s website, offering detailed guidelines on integration, usage, and troubleshooting.
Bulk SMS pricing typically depends on factors like the volume of messages, destination, network carrier charges, and any additional features or services included.